User Data Privacy of the "MyIPCam" extension

February 2020

What information does "MyIPCam" extension collect?

"MyIPCam" extension only collects information which user fills in the "Options" page of the extension. Extension needs this information for main functions only, such as: viewing and control of user IP cameras, protection of the "IP cameras settings".

"MyIPCam" extension stores the following information: IP cameras model, Cameras IP addresses (or domain names), ports, logins and passwords for IP cameras. Extension needs this information to receive and show to user video stream from his IP cameras.

"MyIPCam" extension can saves JPEG image files from cameras if user clicked on "Record images" or "Save image" button. These files can be saved only to "Downloads" folder. User must protect these files from other people to avoid a leakage of these files.

"MyIPCam" extension can saves file with cameras settings for back-up purpose. This file can be saved only if user clicked on "Save to File" button in "MyIPCam" Options. This file can be saved only to "Downloads" folder. User must protect this file from other people to avoid a leakage of this file.

Extension doesn't collect any information about user internet activity and doesn't send this information to any servers.

How does "MyIPCam" extension use the information?

All information "MyIPCam" extension uses only for main functionality: viewing and control user IP cameras, protection of the extension settings, describing of camera or camera name, activation of advanced features of the extension.

According to these settings, "MyIPCam" receives a video stream from user cameras

Where "MyIPCam" extension stores all the information

Extension saves all the information to Local Storage on user own computer.

Also, if user uses a paid version of the extension, the "activation code" is stored in the Local Storage and on "MyIPCam" server with web-name: "Activation code" is a random generated key which has no any information about user or his settings in the extension. "Activation code" is used to enable extended features of the extension.

What information does extension share?

Extension does not share any information.


Extension uses following permissions:

Does "MyIPCam" extension use Cookies?

No. Cookies does not used.


Data stored in the extension is never given to advertisers.

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